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Hit 32

2013-02-08 03:40:33 by Bornaprophet

Hit 32 Last night. Just trying to keep track of the exp gain on the higher levels here.
I am at 10670/11370 Rank 1744
Blams and Saves 501/7031 Rank 1027 Master Sergeant

Lvl 31

2012-12-02 04:22:21 by Bornaprophet

Well I am still here. 10000 Exp today hit 31 last night. 67 days till 32. Shall see how it goes. Voting power is up to 9.07. In the top 1000 for both Exp and Blams/Saves. Hope to take a digit off sometime soon.

Level 30, Crazy Stats. PIssed with Fulp

2012-09-25 00:45:13 by Bornaprophet

So its has been 1003 Days Since i started here. I have participated in 934 of those according to my stats. I have way more. I had proof but was always refused or flat out ignored my Mr. Tom. To top that during that time I have saved 5689 submissions and 474 Blams. I am in the top 1/2% or 1% of the everyone on the website. A Level 30 Staff Sergeant and my opinion means crap here.

2 Years and 8 Months to make it this far. People are stealing all kinds of work. They took the only way to report it away. Fulp said I can report to him. Though he refuses to give me a estimated time as to when the whistle will return even those I have asked numerous times.

I am not sure how much longer I can watch other people work being stolen and refuse to upload anything of mine until this is fixed.

P.s. Tired of the bots deleting my posts. According to Tom Fulp I am not allowed to tell people their work is stolen or maybe their mature content should be placed in Mature instead of E for everyone. There is ratings for a reason?

Time to start submitting.

2011-09-21 02:50:03 by Bornaprophet

I have had some art work waiting to be submitted for some time now. Just haven't got around to doing it. Would be nice to finally get a title and contribute. Maybe actually take part in a collaboration. I will submit some pieces every so often. Until I get scouted.

Level 20

2011-03-14 02:52:43 by Bornaprophet

I have finally reached level 20! After a Year and couple months... MooNWhispeR and I are currently making a overhead shooter type game which should be released soon. I also have plans on getting some more of my artwork uploaded in the next week or so.

My First Post

2011-03-03 02:56:14 by Bornaprophet

I think I started using NewGrounds in 2000 or 2001. I loved watching Happy tree friends back in the day. I didn't end up joining as a member till 09' Big mistake on my part since it took me a year just to get to lvl 19. I have plans to gain an artist title with many pieces of art I have been to lazy to upload. Also my Wife MooNWhispeR and I are gonna make a few games. I enjoy do my daily ranking and seeing all the new content on a daily basis. Since I don't do or say much here I thought I would leave this blog about me and my plans for the site.